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Thankful I joined the business for free. But after having done so, nothing could be sold, at all. It was EXTREMELY expensive for the product it was, and now come to find out she was only buying from a place we could all buy from and then marking it up for OUR customers?

Today I found out that Kimmie Klock is closing down her DS side of The Rustic Shop. This comes after literally no warning. She tells us that as of April 3rd, our sites will no longer be active. We can become Wholesale Distributors for her, though! Oh boy. Spending 100.00 on bs to sell for her when we could do that ourselves.

I didn't join for this kind of nonsense. I don't trust Kimmie and am pissed off that I can't seem to listen to the conference call that was held every month.

Do not buy junk from this business, and certainly don't attempt to join. Kimmie cares not a bit for her employees.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of business practices and communication practices. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of the rustic shop work experience. The Rustic Shop needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Their grammar in their report is so poor.


Having seen the products, I am unclear as to who would want to buy this stuff... but if people want to sell it, why not cut her out of the equation?

Johnson City, New York, United States #1146447

well said! glad you weren't one who was brainwashed.


I so agree with you.


I am asking you to remove the 1st pic in this complaint. This was my notes and you have no right to use them.

Please remove as it lists reps names on them. I did not give you permission to use something I wrote.

to Anonymous #1146449

She doesn't have to remove anything Fawn.

to Anonymous #1169559

Thank you for posting everything and all the pictures. I was actually named one of the contest winners and have not received anything.

I spoke to another former rep and of course she claims she got hers a long time ago. However I'm sure it helps to be a favourite.

I'm sad to see the company is so poorly ran and I think it would be in Kimmi's best interest to let it go and move on. It's obvious she can't make profits and fulfil anything and the lack of their man power to even be able to respond to emails is highly unorganized and doesn't work in business.

Not to mention the reputation of the company is awful.

For the user that posted the 1st picture should be removed - I don't agree at all in fact I encourage more people to post their conversations and emails to further show their proof on how they are being treated. She has every right to be posting those notes they are only notes.

Very disappointed I stuck up for this company and as I have mentioned before I am working with this website to have those positive comments removed as this company turned out to be nothing but a waste of my time joke and loss of money as well as many others.

For those people who would actually be interested in the products The Rustic Shop sells, I actually found many of their suppliers and you may as well go to them instead of spending way more with them and lose out on money and or not even get your order along with non needed hassle and your emails ignored. You can even search the items like infinity bracelets on eBay and pay less than $1.00 and do reverse searches for the products on google and find them way cheaper elsewhere.

It still boggles my mind how Kimmi has stated in an email a while back how her representatives were the backbone to this company and she appreciates every one of them - yet pulls the rug from beneath them and with NO notice switched to an independent wholesaler and we lose out on our direct sales business. I understand that sometimes businesses need to make changes and especially if they lose more then they make, but there's a classier and more graceful way to be about things. Kimmi handled that situation so poorly and of course the reps are going to have questions!

She blocks and ignores people, doesn't respond to emails and can't even give them the time of day when they deserve an explanation and especially as to why this was done to them within a matter of a week and no warning whatsoever. If you know your business of losing money and had the intention of switching to be a wholesaler company why did you keep getting your representatives to promote the free sign ups and try and recruit as many people and even have a contest going for that? Just to see how many more people would sign up and buy products to get set up for their stock? Unreal and the actions of a true coward and one with no business ethic.

Best of luck to everyone who is still owed their commissions from months ago still that they worked hard for.

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