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I signed up as a rep a couple of months ago.

I paid a fee to become a rep and paid money for advertising as well.

A few days ago, the CEO, Kimmie Klock, posted a photo of the new mason jar candles on one of our facebook groups. She asked reps to comment and give feedback on sales of these candles. Being in Canada, I commented that I was unable to see any yet as shipping was "ridiculous" to Canada as it's based on weight and mason jar candles are expensive.


The. They blocked me from all groups, closed my rep account, and posted on one of the groups that I was removed for inappropriate conduct and behavior.


I've sent many emails and nobody will give me an explanation.

Several other members have contacted me privately to give support and they've told me there is ALOT of bullying within The Rustic Shop.

Do not deal with this company. They are unprofessional cowards and they do not stand behind their reps, their products, or their customers!!!!

This reviewer shared experience and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with The Rustic Shop and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I am owed commission by this scam company. I've been blocked on fb and emails are ignored.

Porterville, California, United States #1140979

Here it is 1 year later almost to the date and I was just Blocked from the Corporate Group for Tagging Kimmie Klock in a comment. Apparently I missed the notice where you now can not tag her!

So Childish ... I got No Notice, No email, Nothing...


When signing up you should have known the shipping to Canada was more considering it's based in the usa. If you had an issue then you shouldn't be complaining in a group setting it should have been takin to Corp.

Like a normal business.

If you work at Walmart and have a complaint. You don't stand in the middle of the store doing so, you take it to management in a private setting to discuss things like an adult!

to Anonymous #1054181

Totally agree with you. The Rustic Shop does not determine the shipping.

It is by weight and The Rustic Shop has nothing to do with the shipping charges. What bullying is going on? I am a member and I haven't come across any bullying. If anything everyone is upbeat and happy and cant wait for the new stuff.

I plan on continuing to buy and sell for the Rustic Shop and it's your loss!! There are hundreds of reps from all over.

I wish people would stop making stuff up about the Rustic Shop!! It's a great company.

to Anonymous #1109674

Obviously they don't determine shipping!!! Read my response above to see what you've missed.

to Anonymous Porterville, California, United States #1140984

Not made up at all On 4/6/16 I was Blocked from the corporate group for Tagging kimmie Klock in my comment so she would see it. Apparently in the past few days I missed the post that you can No Longer tag her.

to Anonymous #1109673

Yes, I knew the shipping would be higher, and I wasn't complaining about the shipping in general.

Kimmy asked specifically about sales of mason jar candles and I stated I did not sell any because they were too heavy and drove shipping prices up. She asked for feedback and I gave mine.


My concerns were taken to corporate, many times, simply requesting an explanation as to why I was blocked for providing requested feedback. Nobody ever addressed my concerns. After 2 weeks of trying to get a response from Corp I started asking publicly.

Maybe you shouldn't judge before knowing all the details.

I did everything I could within my abilities and this "company" failed. Period.

to Anonymous Dallas, Texas, United States #1257621

Interesting that the ones who are trying to 'praise' this company, do it undercover. If it such a wonderful company and you actually work for them, why are you not proud to give your name?

If I was proud to be a rep of a company and stood by them, I'd post my name! Y'all are cowards!


I had the same problem. When you bring real problems to their attention you are jumped for not being positive.

No complaining allowed. Sorry but I did not drink the Kool Aid and do not live in Utopia world. Joke of a company, typical MLM that spends as much time pushing for new members as they do their cheap Chinese products.

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. Only one making the real money is the CEO

to Anonymous New York, United States #1078231

Yes!! Agree!

Especially the Kool Aid comment...they're all lemmings. If you're not kissing Kimmie's butt, you're cut off from everything. She asks for opinions in groups...but if you actually give one, God help you, no matter how respectful you are about it! I've heard from SEVERAL reps who have been kicked out of groups and had accounts shut down for no reason at all.

This company is ridiculous!

I've been with them for almost a year now and cannot stand it. The ONLY reason I'm still with them is because I don't want my downlines being given to any of the @$$-kissers who are so far up Kimmie's butt to see the light of day.

to Anonymous #1109679

Yep! She asked for feedback, I gave mine, I was shunned immediately.

I was blocked and my account was shut down. Just like that.

I tried for 2 weeks to get an explanation but nobody would answer a single email. Shady business.

Greenville, North Carolina, United States #971849

No bullying at all. This is a retail DS shop.

Their is a process in place for complaints and negative feedback as with any Retail Company. The place for this is stated in the rule not the groups.

They want you to contact the company directly so they can help you with concerns. If you joined from Canada then you new upfront shipping would be higher.

to Dee Lee #973483

unfortuneately when a rep does go through the proper steps with an issue ir complaint NO ONE replies!!! I have a team of over 100 reps in Rustic. Lots have now left, been blocked for non appropriate reasons and Never get an answer from Corp!!

to Dee Lee #1006848

Greenville, NC: why can't you learn to spell?

to Anonymous #1011809

Haha and you think the rustic shop has bullying??

to Dee Lee #1109682

Yep, I knew shipping was high to Canada. Obviously, or I wouldn't have signed up.

Kimmie ASKED for feedback on the mason jar candles, I said that because they were heavy items, which meant even higher shipping, I was unable to sell any. That's valid feedback.

I was instantly blocked from everything and my account shut down. I tried for 2 weeks to get an explanation from Corp but NOBODY responded.

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